Welcome to my website
I am an illustrator based in Worthing on the Sussex coast of England. I specialise in producing fun and quirky images for print and online media including book and cover illustration, character design, promotional and educational material.

I’ve worked in the design and publishing industries for over 15 years with many different clients including book and greeting card publishers, businesses, charities and other not-for-profit organisations, training providers and the entertainment industries.
My illustration styles
I work in three different styles which I briefly describe below and you can see examples of all these on my project pages.
1. Cut out: suitable for educational/promotional materials, infographics, editorial illustration and children’s illustration

2. Pixel Love: a brand I mainly license for greeting cards but it's also been used for editorial illustration too

3. Scratchy and Spooky: suitable for horror and fantasy themes, especially in black and white
How do I work?
Garry Robson Illustration how I work examples
I create all my artwork by hand using a mixture of different materials and media including pen and ink line drawing, various printmaking techniques and scratch board drawing. I also sometimes use digital re-colouring and editing techniques for some of my work where required, such as when I need to adapt artwork for design layout.
What's new? Faerie Wood game concept art
Garry Robson Illustration Faerie Wood game concept art
I’m currently working on some concept art for Faerie Wood, the fantasy role-playing game inspired by European folklore and old faerie tales. I wrote, illustrated and published the original book many years ago but recently it was rediscovered on some gaming blogs and I've been inspired to look at the book again.

I’ve decided to look at redeveloping the game with a view to publishing a new improved version. The images above show the original book and some of my initial ideas for re-imagining characters from the original game. You can see more of the Faerie Wood concept artwork on my Side projects page and on the Faerie Wood Game Blog, and also on the Faerie Wood Game Instagram feed.
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